k9 Security

We offer an integral security service patrol. Provide with consult and evaluation of risks, of new procedures and the ones already existents. Our teams are fully controlled and examined, trained to resist to a high level, as well as receive a basic course to move forward into the general use training.
Indoor Security

In Kanino, the most important thing is the trust and preference that our clients give us, for this reason we offer an excellency service, sustained in ethics, honesty, integrity and loyalty, we are fully compromised to a periodical update, based in the laws, regulations and rules that govern us.

Supply and training of dogs for odor detection. We have a dedicated team of dogs, ready to perform multiple tasks under different circumstances 24 /7. We count with training facilities and also with a drugs detection dogs sale.

All of our dogs have followed an intensive training, in different scenarios from real-world situations to ensure that they have everything under control. We trained the dogs for the security and protection of our clients, we have last generation facilities wich are essential for the proper training.
"Kanino provides timely, eficient and personalized atention, in addition to providing the security and confidence that you need."